Monday, January 26, 2009

My Cure For Wall Street

My cure for the total irresponsibility and short term money grabbing of the so-called executives on Wall Street and similar places would be to put the whole load of them on a desert island with enough food for each to have a subsistence ration for 6 months. Then go back and bury the bodies later, as they will no doubt have grabbed and eaten most everything after the first month, then fought to the death for whatever remains.
They truly are just like children.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pathetic Performance From Those Who Are Supposed To Be Leading.

It is interesting that the higher in the employment scale individuals go, the poorer their performance seems to be.
They surround themselves by 'yes-men' (or yes-women) and insulate themselves from reality.
Individuals in public office are the worst.
We have no doubt all seen politicians at opening ceremonies of their pet projects. Surrounded by those full of praise, they make acceptance speeches for the congratulations given.
The reality of course is different. They are spending the money of those giving the praise. Not only that, but the money of those who are not there, as they are disgusted that the tax money has been spent that way.
If questioned about their performance, the usual ploy in to go incommunicado. They are extremely good at not being able to answer simple questions, such as, for instance, a person who is from a department of food inspection and enforcement will never respond to the question of how many food establishments have had enforcement notices issued against them in the past year?

Take the same behaviour to Wall Street level, and the obstruction becomes even more complete.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here's How To Fix The World Economy

Those pinhead stock market morons who manipulate share prices are still at it.
They have now upped the pace to make it so that share prices go both high then low on the same day. This allows them to buy low, then sell high, and make millions.

Here's how to fix the world economy.
Pass a temporary law making it so that shares that move more than 2 percent a day get locked up from trading for a week.
That way, they can decline gracefully over a longer term, and these morons who are raping the world economies can be forced to accept what the rest of us have to accept - that when shares drop, we all lose money, or should do.